Concentio ... a new tool for communication training

Our newest training tool ... Concentio ... are ready for use.

Who is it for?

  • Any manager or group members who wants to improve commucation skills
  • Minimum group size is 2; maximum depends on how many set of the tool you have
  • Requires a facilitator or instructor (facilitators guide will be included)

How Does it Work?

Participants are sitting in small groups (normally 3-4 in each group) and from round to round the participants try different roles, discuss learning points and make plans for next round. After three to five rounds the session is followed by an interactive debriefing.

See a small presentation of Concentio here:

Concentio communication training - YouTube

What Does it Teach?

  • Communication is an interaction between two or more people
  • The importance of awareness from both the person who give information and the person who receive information
  • Different communication and learning styles
  • Communication is a skill we are able to develop


One set includes material for 3 groups of 2-4 participants and facilitator guide in a bag, and the price is € 340 + tax and shipping.