Hot Hour Experience

An efficient tool

Imagine the value it might have during e.g. seminars, development processes or events to be able to carry out an exercise, which in 2-2½ hours results in:

  • A positive energy

  • Behaviour and situations comparable with the everyday life

  • High recognition and specific ideas to improvements in the everyday life (individually and within/across the divisions)

  • The feeling of wanting to get started with creating a more efficient and more fun everyday life.

"Hot Hour Experience" is a learning game/play with large interaction. Furthermore the game/play supports lots of various types of coaching processes, which among other things can be used to:

  • Introduction/conclusion of processes of progress

  • Training in specific management tools (coaching, progress based management, appraisal interviews etc.) or the role of the management in general

  • Supporting the introduction to typologies (e.g. MBTI, DISC and Belbin)

  • Establishment of creating a progressing dialogue about actions, which can be useful for the individual person, the individual division and the company in general

  • A flexible element in the team development process.

"Hot Hour Experience" can either be bought for internal use in the company or be carried out by consultants from Horisont. "Hot Hour Experience" is available in Danish, English, German, Swedish and Icelandic.

Who can participate?

All kinds of managers and employees can participate. During the years the game has been used in all types of businesses and for participants both with general and higher educational backgrounds.

About the Game

“Hot Hour Experience” is based upon 6 different tasks (5 puzzles and 1 riddle). In the basic form each group (4-6 members) do their own planning (goal-setting, strategy and methodology), and have 1 hour to reach their goal. In this form introduction, planning, playing the game and debriefing takes about 2-2 hours.

What does it teach?

“Hot Hour Experience” supports focus on one or more of these areas:

  • How to plan, follow and improve a strategy

  • Communication

  • Awareness of strengths

  • How to learn and how to support each other in the learning process (knowledge and skills)

  • Quality

  • Management

  • How to perform under pressure

  • Coordinated action

  • Situational leadership

  • Organization

  • Employee involvement

How does it work?

Participants are grouped (from 4 to 6 participants in every group), where each group represents a department in the same company.

The goal is to solve a number of five different puzzles and a riddle within an hour. Each group have one of the puzzles and the riddle at their disposal throughout the duration of the game. The groups can work with the four other puzzles under certain limitations. Each group does their own planning, and decide their own strategy and methodology.

For the group to score points every member of the group has to be able to solve one of the tasks, without support or instructions from their team-mates. The group members have to help develop each others knowledge and skills. For example the participants in one of the tasks have to assemble four identical hexagonal blocks to construct a pyramid. The group has to find the person with the best skills to solve the puzzle and he or she has to teach the other members. Each member of the group has to be able to present how to solve the puzzle to the facilitator. To solve the six tasks different kinds of skills are required.

In the debriefing participants summarize their experiences from the game and draw parallels to their daily work.

What about materials?

“Hot Hour Experience” is simple to use. The game is easily assembled and easily stored.

 The game includes: 

  • 5 puzzles, 1 riddle and supporting materials

  • A guide for facilitators including a detailed description of game set-up, facilitation of the game, debriefing guidelines, and presentation and handout materials

  • Forms and transparency masters

  • 1 bag


We have gathered some of the many positive comments from participants. Click here to see these comments.


One Hot Hour Experience game package (up till 24 participants): 1,100 € + tax and shipping

Additional game packages each: 800 € + tax and shipping

3 hours game run through (for one or more trainers): 350 € + tax and transportation


Hot Hour Experience Distributor: HORISONT is looking for more distributors of the game. Profile: either a leading training company or a growing training company who wants a new product to reach new customers.

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