Concentio ... for communication training

Our newest product ... Concentio ... is now ready for use.

Add action learning to your communication training session, and your participants will bring back a lot of AHA-experiences.

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Evaluation of Hot Hour Experience

Grundfos has been using Hot Hour Experience for more than 5 years, and we have asked them to evaluate the training game on a scale from 1 (lousy) to 10 (fantastic):

  • Ability to create reflections on participants daily work: 10
  • Ability to create behaviour and situations comparable to everyday life: 10
  • Ability to involve all the participants: 10
  • Energy during the game: 10
  • Energy after the game (during reflections): 7
  • Ability to reach all kind of leaders/employees: 10
  • The game seen from the Trainer's point of view: 9
  • The game compared to similar training activities: 8



Why using Hot Hour Experience

Hot Hour Experience is a very effective training game which:

  • Encourages participation and builds learner motivation
  • Creates a positive learning climate
  • Builds involvement
  • Builds and sustains relationships
  • Help leaders and employees to understand the primary processes of the business
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Creates an open and positive environment for discussing improment possibilities
  • Supports many training issues in every part of the organization

Contact Benny Berthelsen ( and hear why 25% of top 100 companies in Denmark has bought the training game for internal use and why many business schools and training companies has done it as well.